Hollywood Hang Ten – a murder mystery set in 1963 Los Angeles.  A missing child investigation turns into a case of blackmail and murder as a private detective is drawn deep into Hollywood’s hidden past — a past that involves the 1950s anti-communist witch hunts and closeted gay stars.

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Tale of Two Theme Parks – “It was the time of carhops.  It was the time of doo-wop…”

Galileo In Hollywood – “The Brecht-Laughton Galileo, like the improbable relationship of its two creators, came together at a unique moment in Hollywood history…”

Lunch With Carson – “On a chilly February afternoon in 1959, Carson McCullers, Marilyn Monroe and Isak Dinesen had lunch…”

Frank Wilkinson & the Battle of Chavez Ravine – “It’s hard to fathom, but Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium is now the third oldest ballpark in major league baseball…”

What Ever Happened to Hazel Scott  – At one time Hazel Scott was the toast of the jazz and popular music world, an internationally renowned pianist, and top-selling recording artist.  And then she disappeared…”

Riot at the Black Cat – “Just a few minutes before midnight at the Black Cat, the Rhythm Queens, a trio of black women singers hired for the night, are getting ready for their big number…”

Making Art/Making History: The Negro History Quilt Club of Marin City & Sausalito – “The Harriet Tubman and the Frederick Douglass quilts are little-known national treasures…”

The Prison-Industrial Complex & the Global Economy – “Over 1.8 million people are currently behind bars in the United States…”  (co-written with Linda Evans)


Watergate Summer – “I watched the 1973 Watergate hearings from a motel room…”