Films & Videos


What Ever Happened to Hazel Scott –  rise and fall of the great jazz pianist and vocalist   (20 min.)

The Man Behind the Coffee Table –  the groundbreaking life and work of sculptor Isamu Noguchi and his iconic mid-century design  (13 min.)

Santa Rosa’s Rural Cemetery – the story of a cemetery tells the history of its community (17 min.)

Lori & Cathy Get Married – gay marriage pioneers in San Francisco  (17 min.)

Dorothy Healey: An American Red – feature documentary about a radical activist and labor organizer.  Winner: Silver Cindy Award; Silver Award – Philadelphia Film Festival  (52 min.)

Virginia R. Harris: Quilt Artist –  creative life of an acclaimed African-American artist  (6 min.)

Healing by Art: After the Fire – artists share their creations that grew out of the devastating 2017 fires in Sonoma County, CA.

The Blues Had a Baby – ride through music history…from African beats to rock ‘n roll  (9 min.)

Locked Up, Locked Out – former prisoners fight for voting rights and to end employment discrimination  (23 min.)

TV Intro Medley – a fun medley of 1960s television show openings with theme music (6 min.)

The Houses of McDonald Avenue – an exploration of the social history and architecture of McDonald Avenue in Santa Rosa, CA  (18 min.)

Protesting Sister George – lesbians and gays in Santa Rosa, CA, protest  a theater production in 1972  (11 min.)

Freedom Archives – a Bay Area archive which preserves progressive history and the history of liberation and social justice movements (7 min.)

Foster Youth in Crisis – abused and traumatized youth in California are facing new challenges as their treatment and care is threatened (14 min.)

Doorway to a Better Life – adult literacy program of the Sonoma County library (7 min.)

Growing Solutions – Daily Acts is a sustainability organization that is changing landscapes and lives  (8 min.)

Nourishing Connections – at the Ceres Community Project, teens volunteer as chefs to provide healthy meals to people facing life threatening illness  (9 min.)

Ochi Chernye – Yiddish revival band, Mama Loshn, performs  (2 min.)

New Horizons Swing Band – senior swing band performs a jazz classic (2 min.)

Enough is Enough – former prisoners organize for their rights  (19 min.)

Charisse Shumate: Fighting for Our Lives – a battered woman in prison turns activist (co-director, 37 min.)

Rachel Carson Returns – one-woman show of pioneering environmentalist  (28 min.)

The Price of Freedom – one man’s fight to preserve civil liberties  (21 min.)

Subterranean Secrets –  underground bunkers and converted missile silos, The Learning Channel

Mapping the World, Mapping the Far West – California history and map-making

Making Math Real – an innovative method for teaching math to children


Maestra – 1961 literacy campaign in Cuba  (31 min.)

Venezuela Rising –  recall election of popular leftist president Hugo Chavez  (65 min.)

Cover-Up: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair – independent documentary.  Winner: Golden Hugo, Chicago; Prix du Public, France; Blue Ribbon, American Film and Video

Legacy of the Hollywood Blacklist – PBS.  Emmy nominated: Best Non-Fiction Special

Real People – NBC.  Emmy nominee: Best Non-Fiction Series

Broken Rainbow – independent documentary.  Academy Award winner: Best Documentary Feature (co-editor)

Panama Deception – independent documentary.  Academy Award winner: Best Documentary Feature (story consultant)

Below New York – episode from The Learning Channel

Ballad of an American: The Life of Earl Robinsonfeature documentary, PBS

Waging Peace – activists walk the length of Central America.  Burke Award: Best Documentary

Kids Of Survival innovative art program for at-risk youth, Emmy winner: Outstanding Cultural & Informational Programming

Making Peace: Healing The Family – episode of PBS series

Amazing Games – sports and games around the world, ESPN

Wolfgang Puck Presents – Food Network series

Food 911 – Food Network series starring Tyler Florence